Exclusive In-Depth Interview with ULT Denzel Curry

Black Sheep sits down with the Carol City native Denzel Curry

From being a member of Raider Klan to pursing his solo career, Denzel Curry is creating major waves. Black Sheep caught up with the 20 year-old artist before taking the stage at Warehouse Live in Houston. Curry made his solo presence known with the release of his first studio album Nostalgic 64 back in 2013. The album featured the popular single “Zone 3,” which concentrated on the struggles of a black man in Curry’s hometown of Carol City. Before launching his first debut album, he released three mixtapes; the first one being King Remembered: Underground Tape 1991 – 1995 (2011).

Currently, the Carol native is focusing on his double EP 32 Zels/Planet Shrooms, which is equipped with 14 tracks and  includes the singles “Ice Age,” “Envy Me,” “Captain Sea Fonk,” and “Ultimate” (which appears to be a fan favorite). Curry states that he was in a different place while creating this album. He also explains the difference between Nostalgic 64 and 32 Zels/Planet Shrooms.

During this interview, we learn the meaning behind C9, the #ULT movement, the significance of the artwork for his new album, and he also reveals the fuel behind his verses. Curry speaks about his tour experience, and names the late great Tupac Shakur as one of his major musical influences.

Check out the video above, and if you haven’t by now, stream his new EP 32 Zels/Planet Shrooms below!

Twitter: @RavenxMiyagi | Instagram: @DENZELCURRYPH

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