Since the release of their smash hit “679,” the Remy Boyz have been on a wave that they don’t plan on getting off of anytime soon. While on the road for his Welcome To The Zoo tour, Black Sheep had the opportunity to sit down with Monty. In the interview, we talk about his relationship with P Dice, his early musical influences, and his desert preferences. Check out our conversation below.

How did you initially get into music?

I always had a passion for like music. I just was like listening to music all the time, and then I guess I just heard that one rap verse and they just wanted me to rap. Ever since then, I just made music.

What artists inspired you the most to get into music?

I listened to a lot of Jadakiss, Dipset, Jay Z, Fabolous–from way back then. I used to listen to all types of music. A lot of up north, down south. Weezy, I listened to Wayne. And that’s kind of what inspired me to keep making music.

What about New Jersey? Do you have any New Jersey influences?

Yeah, Fetty Wap. Fety Wap influenced me a lot to keep going, to keep making this music. Just as much as I inspire him.

What’s your favorite song that you all have recorded so far?

It got to be either “Time” or…Matter of fact, the other song I don’t even think I’m own. I think it’s “Trap Niggas.” It’s one of my favorite songs. We be turnt up off that.

Why is that one of your favorite songs?

It just gets us turnt. It just get me turnt every time I hear that song. Every time I hear that song, I just want to turn up. The fans love it. We turn up at the shows. It just gives you that good vibe.

You recently released as song called “Her” on National Women’s Day, what kind of impact have women had on your life thus far?

Women have played somewhat a part of my life, nah mean. [I’ve had] ups and downs with women. I lost my mother when I was 17 too. She used to make music. So that also helped me, encouraged me to keep making this music. Keep dropping this fire out there.

How would you describe your childhood? What was it like growing up in Patterson, New Jersey?

Rough, tough. It’s a hard neighborhood, you feel me. You can’t be no punk out there. If you soft out there you’re going to get pushed over. Patterson is just like any other nitty, gritty hood out there. So it was tough trying to come out the hood because most n—as don’t make it out my hood alive–especially when you’re trying to do this rapping shit. [There’s] so much killing and violence going on in the hood. So just to be able to make it out the hood, and me to make it out the hood with all my brothers, that’s just a blessing right there.

Remy Boyz exploded on to the scene last year. How has that rise to the top been?

So far it’s been incredible. [We’re] making Billboard hits. Like I said, I’m just blessed to reach to obstacles that we’ve made so far. On the billboards, breaking records, MTV awards, Grammy awards, and it’s just been going up ever since. Who knows what might happen next.

What have you enjoyed the most about all of this success?

To be able to enjoy it with my bros, man. Got to enjoy it with your bros. To be able to go state to state everywhere, and enjoy it with the ones you came up with.

Speaking of your bros, what’s your thoughts on the whole beef between Dice and Fetty Wap?

No comment, we just doing us. It ain’t even really crazy beef. We doing what we doing, we ain’t worried about nothing. We’re worried about making this music, making these hits, and keeping this shit moving forward.

What do you like the most about your signature drink Remy Martin?

It’s easy to get to, man. It’s everywhere…that’s just what we drink around my hood. Around our way, everybody drinks Remy, so that’s what we drink. That’s basically where Remy Boy 1738 comes from.

When you’re not performing or recording music, what do you like to do for fun?

Smoke my life away man. Like, I don’t know. I like to spend time with my family, with my son when I’m free. I spent time with my son as much as I could, because I be on the road a lot. So I try to spend time with my family.

I know that you’re apart of the Remy Boyz. How do you plan to establish yourself more as a solo artist?

Honestly, we are solo artists, and we’re together. I’m a solo artist, I’m Monty Zoo. I’m Monty. Fetty Wap is Fetty Wap. And when we come together, it’s Remy Boyz. We are a group, but we’re also individual artists as well. Y’all going to hear more about that this year. Y’all are going to get more Monty this year, 2016.

At Black Sheep we usually play a game where you choose one answer from two choices. So to start things off, who would you choose: Rihanna or Nicki Minaj?

That’s tough. They both have their own different aspects. I don’t know, I would probably go with Rihanna.

Dallas or Houston?


Cake or ice cream?

Got to go with ice cream. I don’t be eating cake like that.

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