Lakers GM: Mitch Kupchak Claims Kobe Bryant Could Retire After Next Season

This may be the Black Mamba's final year in the NBA

kobe bryant retirement
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For a few years now, people have pondered over when Kobe Bryant‘s last year in a NBA uniform would be, and now it appears that it’s getting closer to that time.

It has been discussed that the ‘Black Mamba,’ Kobe Bryant, would retire after next season according to Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak, who discussed it on a radio appearance with SiriusXM NBA radio stating that: “I think first and foremost, he’s on the last year of a deal, there have been no discussions about anything going forward.”

I don’t think there will be. Kobe has been through a lot these past two years, missing 123 games due to injuries. These injuries include having surgery twice on his knee and shoulder, which have been surgically repaired. Not to mention father time is catching up with him.

Bryant has had a successful career in the NBA, winning multiple championships, winning the NBA’s 2007-2008 MVP award, and a plethora of other accomplishments that he’s accomplished during his 19 year tenure. With the Black Mamba possibly retiring from the Lakers at the end of his contract, what will be in store for the Lakers without him?

It’s pretty clear that the Lakers will go through a rebuild stage, and will have to compete to make the Playoffs in a tough NBA Western Conference, or possibly land a new superstar in free agency.

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