Snoop Dogg Claims Racial Profiling After Arrest in Sweden

The 43-year old rapper was stopped by police in Sweden after a concert Saturday night on suspicion of marijuana possession

snoop dogg arrested sweden
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Snoop Dogg was arrested Friday in Sweden for suspicion of using illegal drugs.

The 43-year old rapper was stopped briefly by police in Uppsala, Sweden after a concert Saturday night on suspicion of marijuana possession. He was released after a drug test. Snoop released a series of Instagram videos documenting his ordeal.

In the second video, Snoop claims that the police were “taking us to the station where I gotta pee in a cup–for nothing…all I did was came [sic] to this country and did a concert and now I gotta go to the police station–for nothing!”

In Snoop’s third video, he claims that the arrest was an incident of racial profiling, before stating to his Swedish fans that he’d never return to the country.

A spokesperson for the Swedish police reported to The Guardian that Snoop, who was a passenger in the vehicle, “seemed to be under the influence of narcotics,” and that the arrest was not an instance of racial profiling.

Swedish musician and ‘Idol’ judge Alexander Bard instead believes it is Snoop’s celebrity status that resulted in the arrest. “This arrest was not racial profiling, which is an American [phenomenon] not a Swedish phenomenon. But it was clearly a case of celebrity profiling.”

Bard goes on to say, “the Swedish police are losing the ridiculous battle called the ‘War on Drugs’ as much in Sweden as anywhere else at the moment, and they have clearly now gone into desperate hyper gear by chasing celebrities over drug use to grab media headlines,  thereby hoping to retake the initiative in this prestigious generational battle.”

In his last video, Snoop reassures his fans that he “made it through,” stating that the Swedish police made him undergo a drug test. The rapper concluded his video with the statement, “It’s better to be searched and not found with nothin’ than not to be searched at all. F*ck, y’all.”

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