Kylie Jenner Turns 18 with a Bang!

Happy Birthday Kylie!!!

Kylie Jenner 18 birthday party

The highly anticipated 18th birthday of the youngest Jenner is finally here!

‘King’ Kylie Jenner turned 18 Monday, August 10 and had a lavish blowout party in celebration! From special performances by Fetty Wap and Post Malone, the mini Kim K rocked a blonde mane and glittery sheer mini dress. She had an outfit change into a sparkling black dress as well. Guests included the Kardashian Klan (of course), Caitlyn Jenner, James Harden (Khloe’s rumored new boo), King Trell and Heather Sanders, Zayn Malik of One Direction, plus many others!

Earlier that weekend paps photographed Jenner in what the public immediately took as a present from Tyga, which was a red G-Wagon that shared the same license plate of his baby mama’s (Blac Chyna) pink G-Wagon. Blac Chyna.  However, unfortunately for social media trolls, rumors of Tyga re-gifting the vehicle were put to rest as Kylie pleasantly commented under a fan photo captioning “ Tyga’s birthday gift to Kylie” with “That’s not mine ☺.”

Shutting down the “going broke” rumors and in honor of his boo’s legalization, Tyga surprised Kylie at her bash with a brand new $320,000 white Ferrari 482 Italia topped with a bow.

TMZ reported alleged party details around last week. A $3,000 cake was involved, as well as a photo booth for zillions of infamous Kylie selfies. And if you thought the party was stopping there, it didn’t. Her and her closest friends are heading off to a beach club in Montreal on August 16th for another turn-up.

In case you didn’t know, 18 is the legal drinking age in Canada. So smart thinking Kylie!


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