ESPN Investigates LA Lakers Teammates for Sexual Harassment

via upscalehype

Guards Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson of the Los Angeles Lakers have been accused of sexual harassment this past Sunday. Known activist against athletes & their mistreating women, Alexis Jones (@MissAlexisJones), and her mother were eating at a restaurant in Los Angeles when the incident took place. Young and Clarkson were identified as the guys she claims directed vulgar and sexual gestures towards her and her mother through a photo Ms. Jones took and posted to her social media.

Of course these accusations wouldn’t cause more side eye without the infamous “post and delete.” Nick Young tweeted “Aye if you want some attention take a pic of me and say anything next to it and post it…The world we live in,” before taking it down 20 minutes after reaching the tweet peeps.

Since the incident, a Lakers spokesman has reached out to Alexis and encouraged a lesson on sexual harassment & abuse.

There are always several versions to the true story. What normally crosses your mind during situations like this? Did the gentlemen act in such a fashion? Was the young woman just looking for a headline? Young’s long term relationship with Iggy Azeala crosses mine.

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