J Cole’s ‘Dreamville’ Isn’t Here for the Trump Madness

via NY Daily News

With the crazy stories surrounding the Donald Trump rallies recently, count on Jermaine Cole and his camp to shed light on an unfortunate situation. Meet Thomas DiMassimo, the protester thrown out of the Trump Ohio rally the other; he’s also a huge J. Cole fan.

So huge of a fan, he was luckily enough to catch the rapper at one of his infamous Dollar and a Dream tour(s), where he received a Dreamville shirt at his first concert.

After the Trump security incident, DiMassimo took to Twitter to voice his disappointment after having his shirt ripped to shreds. Of course, simply replacing the shirt wasn’t up to par when dealing with J Cole. Dreamville president, Ibrahim Hanad decided to apologetically reach out to Mr. DiMassimo via his Twitter account.

“All good bro, we’ll send you a box of Dreamville gear on us. Be safe out there.”

Big ups to Dreamville and J Cole! It’s always refreshing to know those being looked up too will go out of their way for the unjust.

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