Michael B. Jordan Pokes Fun at Kobe Bryant in New Apple TV Ad

Michael Jordan gets the best of Kobe Bryant: Michael B. Jordan that is.

Michael B. Jordan is at it again: this time with the biopics!

Apple TV released its “Father Time” commercial starring the actor and none other than retiring NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Kobe announced his retirement last November and will be wrapping up the final leg of his “farewell tour” this Wednesday, April 13, also known as ‘Mamba Day.’ In the commercial, Jordan joins Bryant as he is preparing him for his role of Kobe in a biopic. Michael B. Jordan cracks a few jokes as the five time NBA champion has definitely seen better seasons in his day.

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Kobe sternly turns to the young actor after watching footage and boasts, “See that? That’s the guy you’re playing in this movie. Cold-blooded assassin.”

Jordan follows with, “Locked in a battle with father time. Like a hero, on the verge of a steep decline.”

Ouch! But even Kobe had to have cracked a chuckle. With Jordan’s witty references to acting out Kobe’s entire career, prosthetics, and Benjamin Button, Apple TV has outdone itself with this one. The commercial is hilarious! – check it out below.

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