Pretty Little Liars Shocking Details Leaves Fans Wondering!

via popsugar

Reform’s hit drama Pretty Little Liars is causing a stir for its 7th upcoming season. If you’re a fan of the show, then you’re familiar with how chaotic this series has been. Various twists, turns, secrets, scandals, and even talk at one point that the show was on its last leg, are what have kept me constantly tuning in week-after-week. Season 7 is right around the corner and expected to air on June 21, but the anticipation isn’t nearly what fans have been buzzing about.

In a recent reveal of a new poster of the liars dressed in all black, dark clothing, giving us appropriate face, Hanna, played by Ashley Benson, is absent. The tag line “How far will they go to #SaveHanna?” is at the top of the poster just before your eyes make it to the ladies. Though understandable due to Hanna’s disappearance in last season’s finale, it still has ignited the questions of whether or not Benson will make it through the series.

Something else interesting about the poster that’s been particularly noticeable? Alison, played by Sasha Pieterse, is missing a leg! Mine, and most of the Net’s guess is someone got just a little too crazy with the photoshoping, however some have chosen to poke a little fun at the mistake. 😉

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