Winona Ryder Stars in First Trailer for Netflix’s Stranger Things

Netflix has a pretty good track record with it’s original series. From House of Cards to Orange Is the New Black, they’ve hit more than a couple home runs. Netflix’s newest series aims to make things weird. The new show is set to debut this summer and it’s titled “Stranger Things.” The show will star Winona Ryder as a mother lost in a world of creepiness.

Winona Ryder will play a mother searching for her missing child. After beginning her search, she starts encountering all sorts of madness including government conspiracies and paranormal entities. The events take place in the 1980’s and appears to channel the influence of 80’s horror films. The trailer seems to start with the wonder of Spielberg’s E.T. then it turns into a mix of John Carpenter and Stephen King.

Just watching the trailer, I got chills. The show seems to center around Winona Ryder’s character but it appears to focus on a group of “special” children as well. Some moments of the trailer reminded me of JJ Abrams’ Super 8, which many called E.T. Light. Hopefully the series will deliver even more than that film did. See for yourself when the series makes it’s debut on Netflix July 15, 2016.

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