Watch Gorillaz’s First Ever In-Person Interview

The band finally sits down with DJ Mistajam.


For the first time ever since the band’s inception, Gorillaz appeared on screen live for a very rare in-person interview. Staying true to character, 2D and Murdoc can be seen in digital form at YouTube’s London studio answering fan-submitted questions by Radio 1’s Mistajam for Telekon Electronic Beat.

Over the course of the 30-minute interview, they discuss Donald Trump, their star-studded number of collaborators, Chicago music, recording in Paris, and more. The bandmates never break character, with 2D insisting that he was kidnapped by Murdoch in order to make this album. “It was very emotional for us,” 2D says of the group’s creative process. “Fear was one of the biggest emotions, and frustration… emasculation is another one.”

Humanz is out next Friday (April 28).

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