Michael Rapaport Unexpectedly Fired From Barstool Sports For Offensive Comments

"If you call yourself a fucking stoolie for real, you've already lost in life."

AP Images

Michael Rapaport’s relationship with Barstool Sports was terminated this weekend after the actor-turned-sports commentator bashed the site’s passionate fanbase.

On twitter, Rapaport responded to one user by saying, “If you call yourself a fucking stoolie for real, you’ve already lost in life.” The actor was added to the Barstool Sports team last June, and was let go just hours after Barstool founder, Dave Portnoy, was made aware of the situation.

Shortly after, Portnoy would announce the firing publicly with a video of him rambling how Rapaport is dumb. The CEO kept things simple with a caption that read, “Emergency Press Conference – is Fired.”

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