L.A.’s Own, King Lil G Sits Down for an Exclusive Interview

Houston is a city that will literally ride or die by its chopped and screwed pride. Some citizens can recite every Z-Ro song without messing up a lyric.

If that’s you, then you may be interested in checking out the uprising artist King Lil G. He’s a tatted Latin rapper who hails from Inglewood, California. His birthplace is the setting for his lyrics. His family, baby mamas, girlfriends, and troubled high school days are the characters and stories that he pushes lyrics about. But more than that, he’s an Angeleno who brings hope and positivity to those from his own streets that are struggling to not become a victim of their environment.

Although he loves those L.A. streets like he paved them himself (often shouting out boulevards and street names), he truly knows first-hand that it’s those same streets that can easily make you work for them, and die for them. The vulnerability of his raw rap lets his listeners hear his transformation from being locked up, to giving back to his community and learning to forgive and see people as equal.

When hearing his music for the first time you may think, “Lord have mercy, mama done raised a real thug,” but Lil G stands by only rapping about what is real. The Los Angeles-bred artist has never been shy about the ways he has disappointed his mother, or even about the ways his father has disappointed him. In his single “Grow Up” from his latest album 90’s Kid King Lil G said: [quote_box_center]

“Mama held my hand, standing at the bus stop. Gave me the love I needed, the streets, covered in gun shots.

Stop making excuses and stop going to prison. Cause people forget about you when people don’t visit. This is for my young homies, thinking there’s no way out. Throwing your life away, living broke, that sh*t is played out.”


Watch the full interview above to learn more about the California native.

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