Julieanna Goddard, aka YesJulz, Has Evolved Into a Social Media Rock Star

YesJulz embraces the public's presence with her rapid cool and conscious takeover at only 25.

YesJulz Black Sheep Feature
Photo: Monica McGivern/Miami New Times

For those who have yet to catch a glimpse of her snapchat or experience one of her infamous 1AMVibes parties in Miami, Julieanna Goddard (Snapchat/Twitter @YezJulz) is taking on what seems like the world at just age 25! With similar goals and mindset, though I have never personally met her, YesJulz has become one of my favorite, most influential entrepreneurs on this Earth! Her energy is beyond contagious and it is an inspiration to finally see her name getting the mainstream recognition she deserves.

Her PR, consulting and charity company, Never Not Working, may seem like all social scenes and promoter life, but Julz is all about merging cool & consciousness. Julz has found a way to brand herself and also expand awareness of her various projects through everyone’s social media fav, snapchat. While most of us bore each other with karaoke car snaps, @YesJulz has used snapchat to create a platform to showcase her own reality “show.” She’s been able to give her half a million followers & fans such as myself, a behind the scenes look at some of the craziest music festivals like SXSW and events like London Fashion Week, all the while being paid to do so. The list is truly becoming endless, but through snapchat, she’s endorsed and promoted for companies like BEATS by Dre, REVOLT TV, T-Mobile, Red Bull and Viber!

Photo Cred: yesjulzagency

Getting paid for social media seems ideal for um- just about everyone born during this generation, but as I’d hope you’re implying, Julz didn’t just wake up ‘The Queen of Snap.’ Starting out as a promoter in Tampa & now the “Director of Vibes” of her very own PR & management company, Never Not Working – you may have heard Ms. Goddard’s conscious spirit associated with #HashtagLunchBagMiami. A nonprofit idea adapted from Hashtag Lunchbag in Los Angeles to help feed those in the community in need. After teaming up with the nonprofit organization Motivational Edge, the exotic car rental service – Lou La Vie, several entertainers, celebrities, club owners and more, Julz has successfully expedited EIGHT editions of HashtagLunchbag Miami.

Extending the list of Ms. Goddard’s accomplishments, she has appeared on Survivor’s Remorse, throws epic, regular ‘FDR Mondays’ at Delano South Beach and hosts her ‘Best Day Ever’ pool parties every last Sunday of the month. The Yes Julz! agency was also recently granted a Toyota Highlander in reward for all of her hard work. Her charisma and encouragement of finding self-love & worth are so inspiring. I truly believe that her willingness to help others and drive to continuously push the greater good, are what have and will continue to aid in Goddard’s success. Julz is proof that “the turn up” isn’t always about getting wasted and “the job” can include a lot of play.

She is definitely just getting started and has my attention in the palm of her hand! If you haven’t caught the YesJulz & NNW wave, check out her and her lovely all-girl staff at the site, www.yesjulz.com and keep up with The Queen via snapchat!


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