Where did he come from? The guy seems to be an alien. With his flamboyant style, multiple tattoos, and piercings, you would think he’d done enough to stand out. However, the spark that gets the conversation around Young Thug going is his delivery. I first heard him on a freestyle he did for Mouv’, the French radio show. What I heard exactly, I’m not sure. It was… well, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Needless to say, after this, I was determined that I was done with Young Thug. I said to myself, “This is not rap!” And I thought I had closed the book on him, under the impression that he was joking or something.

However, I haven’t been able to ignore Young Thug. Or his fans.

I saw Cuba Gooding’s hilarious display of fandom. Under a snippet of a song Young Thug posted under his instagram account, @cubagoodingjr wrote “This is better than literally anything the Beatles ever put out.”

To this, instagram user @thefonk90 replied “@cubagoodingjr Really? Fucking Really?”

A legendary debate ensued. The defense rang “@thefonk90 how dare you insult Thugga. I was in “Snow Dogs” and won’t stand for this shit.” To which @thefonk90 replied “Thugga” sounds like a joke name for a mentally ill dog. I saw snow dogs when I was little. I laughed about twice. Also the Beatles made music, not shit on a mic with someone else’s lyrics for it to be auto-tuned and put on a track made by three other people that still sucks”

This was the last straw for Cuba Gooding Jr. The actor responded:

“Fam, I SWEAR you finna make me catch a body. First off: Thug is an amazing rapper on a pure technical level, as well as being a great lyricist and stone cold G. And SECOND how DARE you speak ill of Snow Dogs, which was the top grossing movie of the YEAR?!? The Beatles NEVER had a movie and NEVER had any songs as good as Thug.

How many Oscars you have, punk? How many songs with Guwop you have, punk? Don’t you EVER besmirch EITHER Thugga or My name again. Otherwise, I won’t be “showing you the money,” I’ll be showing you these fists.”

Final Score:  

Cuba Gooding Jr: 10

@thefonk90: 0

Seeing Cuba as a fan was surprising. But seeing this was shocking:

This is a picture of the Mayor of Birmingham attending a Young Thug concert. He expressed to Young Thug how much he loved Slime Season 3.

This, I thought, was too much. I finally decided to stop my hating and take a closer look. My first stop was Slime Season 3. Overall good on production. However, tracks like “With Them” and “Drippin'” pinpoint exactly what it is that gives Young Thug’s sound Its resonance. His unique staccato style delivery, the interesting musical harmony between his lines and the beat. Those calculated voice inflections. I actually like it. I’m playing it in my car.

I look back on some of his other hits and features like “Best Friend” and my favorite “About the Money,” and I see a particularly interesting style of delivery that just breaks convention. There’s actually some intention here, a method to the madness. There’ something bout it that’s almost…genius. Now I see that I appreciate Young Thug.

Then I find another one he did. Not as popular, but his innovation still holds here in “Pacifier.” I can’t stop playing it. Suddenly, I realize: I’m a fan of Young Thug. How did that happen?

You can check out Slime Season 3 here.

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