Watch Kanye West’s Stunning Visuals in Music Video for “Wolves”

Through the years, Kanye West’s musical and artistic style has continued to evolve. As a consequence of his fearlessness as an artist, we’ve been able to see a wealth of human experience.

His early work in The College Dropout  dealt with the more intimate, relate able themes such as love, loss, The American Dream, and being the underdog. Throughout his illustrious music career, we’ve seen his work evolve into things that are much more complex, often controversial, always provocative.

His previous music video for Famous featured, a pretty shocking array of nude celebrities in the same bed. After some investigation, it was revealed that the concept for the video was inspired by Vincent Desiderio’s painting Sleep, which caused far less incitement.

His next music video continues the same line of high concept art. Chaotic lights, struck against a black and white color gradient embolden the powerful imagery in Wolves, along with Steely faced fashion models strutting across an infinite blackness. Kanye comes in and out of the scene with tears tracing a bright path down his face. Kim Kardashian West also makes and appearance at the end.

All of this to articulate what?

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