3 Houston Landmarks You Can Visit for FREE

chase sky tower houston skyline
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With finals coming to end, and summer quickly approaching, take the time to explore the fourth largest city in the nation. Whether a friend or relative is coming into town or you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to visit these three unique landmarks for FREE.

JPMorgan Chase Tower

houston skyline chase tower
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600 Travis
Houston, TX 77002

JPMorgan Chase Tower stands as the tallest building in Houston, with 75 stories at 1,049 feet. The 60th floor serves as a public observation deck, providing a breathtaking view of the city (truly a sight to see).

The building is also connected to the underground tunnel system that connects 95 city blocks, which includes various shops and restaurants. The only downside to the tower is that it’s only open during business hours: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM.

Houston Is… Mural

houston is mural
(by Andrew Broadfoot)

Travis & Preston
Houston, TX 77002

Located within Market Square Park, ‘The Houston Is… Mural’ has become a colorful centerpiece for downtown. Although the incredible masterpiece speaks for itself, fellow Houstonian artist GONZO247 told the Greater Houston Convention and Visitor Bureau that the piece is a representative of what Houston is about.

The words under the skyline are used as a foundation to hold the city up, whereas the “explosion of color…represents the energy of the city, our diversity and culture.”

Houston Police Officers’ Memorial

houston skyline police department memorial
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2400 Memorial Dr
Houston, TX 77007

This solemn tribute is not only to honor the Houston police force, but also serves as a quiet, reflective area to go walking, running, or just a unique site to visit for an incredible view of the skyline during both day and nighttime. The Houston Police Officers’ Memorial resembles a Greek cross, and consists of five-step pyramids 12 ½ feet upward, and four outer pyramids inverted 12 feet into the ground.

The central pyramid contains a reflecting pool surrounded by slabs of granite. Inscribed are the names of various officers whom have died in the line of duty. Not surprisingly, the memorial is guarded by none other than Houston police officers 24/7.

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