Andy Samberg, and Jon Snow Compete in “7 Days In Hell”

It looks like Jon Snow is trading in his sword for a tennis racket.

HBO continues to amp up their new streaming service with the teaser for the upcoming “mockumentary” and comedy 7 Days in Hell, starring Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Andy Samberg and Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington, among many other stars and celebrities.

The film premiered at the annual South By Southwest Festival back in March and is now preparing for its television debut on July 11. 7 Days in Hell will be available exclusively on HBO Go and HBO Now.

Samberg and Harington both play tennis players in this false story about the longest match ever a.k.a 7 Days in Hell”. The tale is recounted by a number of familiar faces like Serena Williams, who plays herself, and Will Forte.

The film will continue to help HBO distinguish itself from other streaming services, and channels, as it adds to their arsenal of original and exclusive programming.

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