It’s undeniable that music is a part of our lives in some way, shape, or form. However, for music lovers such as myself, the next best way for streaming your favorite tunes is right around the corner.

I’m sure you remember when the most commonly known service, Pandora, pioneered music streaming and its extremely repetitive tracks would suffice. With industry moguls such as Drake and Jay Z co-signing for the hottest streaming services out there, this guide will help make sure that typical $10 a month serves all of your music needs.

Personally Drake has never let me down and him backing Apple Music didn’t create an extremely difficult decision. Once a user of multiple streaming services, I’ve started my Apple Music trial and the statement “Apple Music is EVERYTHING” would be an understatement. I’ll let you be the judge!  Happy Listening!

Apple Music


Offers a three month free trial membership, accessible from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MAC, or PC
You have unlimited access to over 30 million songs that allow you to save for offline listening and export to your personal library. Expert recommendations are included as well.

$9.99 a month for personal use or $14.99 for the family.

The Personal subscription comes with unlimited access to the Apple Music Library and unlimited skips on their provided radio stations including Beats 1 Radio, which includes a live DJ. Personalized recommendations based off of your music preferences are featured as well.

Family Sharing allows up to six people to use Apple music on their devices. Not only do you share the subscription, you may also have different accounts when logging into the App Store. Family photo sharing, synced calendar, and shared credit card information keeps everything simple and accessible. It contains child locks that allow parents to approve their children’s spending with the “Ask to Buy” option.

All purchased items from the app store within the party of six are available to each member of the family sharing as well. You may browse each members catalog and block specific content from searching as well.

The family share plan also offers the option of location sharing, to keep up with everyone’s whereabouts and track lost devices. One person in the family, known as the organizer, can invite up to five additional family members. After, each member agrees to pay for any iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases while in the family group, the Family Sharing features are automatically set up on everyone’s devices.

Apple Music is not available for Android until this fall.



Offers a three month trial service of $0.99, accessible on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and also avalible through PlayStation Music.

The premium subscription allows listening for offline, on-demand play with no advertisements, podcasts, video clips and unlimited skipping. The premium package also offers a 50-percent discount for students making this service as low as $4.99. The discount is good for 12 months and then reapplication is required. To apply, you have to complete a form by Sheer ID in order to verify your institution and provide a supporting document.

**DISCLAIMER** Various sources on the Spotify Community page reported issues when trying to sign up for the student discount after the end of the three month trial. The message “Sorry, you cannot sign up for a student discount while being on Premium” appears. Users cancelled the subscription in hopes beginning another under the student discount, yet were unsuccessful and left waiting for Spotify’s contact support to get back to them. Note, Spotify offers only up to four yearly discounts while enrolled.

Spotify also offers a Spotify Family subscription that allows you 50-percent off of up to five different accounts. The family feature provides personal recommendations and allows separate playlists. Everyone on the account is able to play their music at the same times. The Spotify Family option is not redeemable with other promotions such as the student discount, or gift cards, nor can people in other countries be added to the plan.

Spotify also offers a free subscription, however only featuring shuffle play.



There is a 30 day trial offer for both subscriptions.

Tidal offers a standard subscription of $9.99 a month as well as an offer of $19.99 a month. The only difference between the standard and $19.99 subscription is the feature of high fidelity sound. (Sound files that have not been compressed and deliver studio quality audio, unlike files in MP3 format).

Tidal only allows one device online, with up to three offline, but includes access to over 30 million songs and over 75,000 HD videos. The service includes personalized playlists, exclusive access to music videos, tickets, merchandise, articles and interviews from your favorite and up and coming artists. Super fans extremely supportive of their favorite artists would be pleased that Tidal offers the highest royalty percentages for artists, songwriters and producers.

The Tidal Discovery offers the feature of importing other music into your library through Tidal also offers the Tidal X Program – exclusive meet and greets, dinners, intimate performances no one but tidal users can access as well as Tidal Rising – helps new emerging artist expand their fan base through the streaming service.

These names just so happen to be the most popular right now. Other streaming services to take a look at include Rhapsody, Google Play Music, Pandora, Beats Music and Soundcloud.

You’re Welcome!

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