With engagements and weddings happening every 6 months, my single friends are slowly dwindling down to just me, while I’m over here trying to save enough money to fix my broken iPhone.

Obviously, meeting a guy is not one of my priorities, but what about the people that do want a relationship? What if their constantly going on bad dates and are starting to lose hope?

That’s when online dating is given a chance. Is it weird? Will it work out? What if you’ll be cat-fished? So many questions come up, which I may not have the answers to, but I do have friends that have successfully tried online dating.

Online Dating Tips

Three really close friends of mine met their significant other through online dating. At first, I was shocked because I considered it a sign of desperation, but it’s actually a way of getting to know someone when you’re so darn busy to meet people or if you’re new to town. You don’t want to date coworkers and I’m sure we all have our fair share of stories of dating that one mutual friend that didn’t work out.

Eventually, the weirdness goes away and you start getting to know that stranger you met through an app. He or she soon becomes your friend. I mean isn’t it the same thing as meeting a stranger at a bar, you still don’t know the person. The same thoughts cross your mind as any other first date.

The times are changing. We are too busy with work and we are trying to connect with a person faster. Online dating makes that possible and we shouldn’t make an assumption on something that we haven’t experienced.

I say we open up our little minds and explore a bit. Maybe life a has a surprise in store for you.

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