Instagram May Be Releasing An R-rated Version

The ladies of the #freethenipple campaign may be getting their way sooner than later

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After speaking at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco on Oct. 6, Instagram’s C.E.O. and co-founder Kevin Systrom hinted that the company has considered the idea of creating an R-rated version of the platform. (as if there isn’t enough “R-rated” sites already?)

This comes as a surprise since the social media platform is known for flagging down sensitive content that they deem inappropriate.

Vanity Fair’s panel included actress Lena Dunham and Yahoo’s news anchor Katie Couric. Yes, the same Katie Couric that Drake references in PARTYNEXTDOOR‘s smash hit “Recognize.”

“Who do you fuck in the city when I’m not there?/(I owe you time) let’s plan somethin’ out when I come back from Europe/Swear I’m withholdin’ my urges ’til you get this one-on-one shit like your name Katie Couric”

The panel’s conversation began with Dunham’s feelings towards Instagram, which she stated is more positive than most social media, like Twitter — the social site that she recently quit completely.

[quote_box_center]“The environment [on Twitter] became so hostile that it couldn’t possibly be okay for me to be reading this stuff”[/quote_box_center]

Couric went on to acknowledge that she hasn’t been able to escape the narcissistic screen glaring trolls completely, but has developed her own way of handling them.

[quote_box_center]“I love reporting people. It’s my main source of power. There’s no reason I should be spending so much time reporting people except that it’s such a fucking joy,” she said.[/quote_box_center]

Next, the topic of discussion turned toward Instagram‘s protocol on nudity, which has taken fire due to the app’s rapid increase in user usage. Systrom was then asked if he would ever consider creating an R-rated version of the service, which he replied:

“There have been discussions,” he said, noting that it becomes a blurred on “who decides what’s R-rated.”

One can only speculate to what gateways an “R-rated” social media platform could lead to. What’s your thoughts on a completely R-rated social media site? Leave comments below.


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