Your Job Can Now Help You Score a Date on Tinder

Tinder is heating up the market with new added feature

Tinder Update Job Education
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Popular dating app Tinder recently made a major update to its features, which allows you to display your job and your education in your profile.

A “smart” snippet of text will now be viewable right under your profile picture to your potential matches based off of what you have in common.

The main reason for this update is to provide its users with more criteria to evaluate potential matches before swiping left or right, according to CEO Sean Rad. “We have a lot of information we use silently behind the scenes to determine who is most relevant for you, and over the coming months you are going to see more of that surfacing up to the top of the [profile],” he says. “We want to give you the opportunity to make the decision for yourself.”

Rad also commented that many people were already displaying their jobs and education in their Tinder profiles already, making the decision for him and his cast an easy one. The update may appear to be a nice new feature to some that would like to display their more personal side or would like to improve their perceived social class, while others will be leery to add such personal information (like myself).

The whole dynamics of the app could potentially change, drifting away from matching based off of attraction and similar hobbies to connecting due to similar social class and attained knowledge.

Rad on the other hand feels that the update will make Tinder more true to the way we meet people in real life. “Job” and “education” are often two major factors that people consider when deciding whether they would go on a date or converse with someone.

The new Tinder update will also feature an updated algorithm that will consider even more factors to align your matches, as well as a revamped messaging interface.

What’s your thoughts on the new feature? Will you be utilizing the new option to display your occupation and education?

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