Facebook Begins Testing Live Video Streaming, Watch Out Periscope

Facebook is adding a new feature that will let you stream live videos with friends

Facebook Live Video Streaming

After four months of allowing celebrities and high-profile users test out its live video streaming feature, Facebook is now rolling out this new addition to everyone with its flagship app.

The feature is almost identical to Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope app, and the only difference from the mentioned applications is that only close friends will receive notifications about broadcasts, and afterwards, replay videos are automatically saved and remain visible until you decide to delete them.

Starting with a small test today, Facebook users will be able to use an updated status menu to select “live video.”  Only special people like The Rock and Martha Stewart had access to the tool, but not us normal hard-working civilians. Until now.

The expansion for live viewing is part of Facebook’s push “to help friends and family feel like they’re in the moment with you,” according to product managers Vadim Lavrusik and Thai Tran. Friends who missed a live broadcast can re-watch it on your Timeline, and even subscribe so that they don’t miss out on the next time you go live.

Facebook Live Video Streaming

Also included in today’s update is a new way to share photo collages. The social media company has added a new collage feature that combines photos and videos from a location or day into one post. Collages will only be available to iOS users initially, and will later be made available to Android users the following year.

There’s no shame in Facebook’s game, as they are notorious for biting off of already existing services (#hashtags? photo layouts?). The brand is hoping that by placing these newly added features on their app — which a lot of people spend most of their time already — it will negate users from hopping on other mobile applications that provide similar functions.

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