Plenty of us has have had Friday nights in which we had zero plans, and dawned the question: “It’s Friday, I’m young, why isn’t there anything to do?”. It appears that The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston had this exact thought in mind when they launched their MFAH Mixed Media mixer.

Mixed Media is a social gathering for young socials to meet up at a set location, enjoy a few drinks, dance the night away and enjoy beautifully crafted art. This Friday, January 22, we arrived to the venue a few minutes late due to trying to find parking spot.

To no avail, we were unable to park at the museum’s designated parking lot, because it was already filled to capacity. So, parking in the lot a few blocks away appeared to be the only feasible option.

Once the parking situation was settled, we made our move towards the entrance. After walking about a block in length, a long line was noticeable as we approached the entrance. This should have been expected since the event sold out the previous day before the event. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait outside that long in the frigid weather.

Inside, the lobby seemed to be filled at about a fourth of the  lobby’s capacity. Many opted to socialize outside on the patio earlier in the night. Later, opting to move inside as the weather dropped in temperature. MFAH Mixed Media really displayed the diversity of Houston’s culture — which is ranked in the top 10 most diverse cities in America — ranging from Asian, White, Black, Hispanic, young and old.

MFAH provided two bar areas for the host’s attendees to select from: one stationed inside and the other outside. At the bar, there was a decent amount of options on the menu: from cocktails to bottled beer to your own mix preference.

The museum didn’t provide access to the entire exhibit, but did allow for certain sections of the venue to be explored. At every Mixed Media mixer their art is always accompanied with a theme. This year’s theme was Mark Rothko: A Retrospective, which basically featured abstract paintings from the illustrious artist Mark Rothko. A majority of Rothko’s paintings displayed a grunge-like, minimal abstract shape to it.

Outside, the back wall was illuminated with vibrant lights and the event’s hashtag: #MFAHMixedMedia. If you worked up an appetite after dancing, there was a food truck to place your order. Music was the focal point of the patio area. Three DJs were appointed to maintain the night’s tunes: DJ King Britt, DJ Sun and DJ Josh DuPont.

The music selection seemed to be the only downfall of the MFAH hosted event. It wasn’t completely bad, people did form huddles to watch breakdancers display their most impressive dance moves, but there were times when attendees were just standing around looking at each other like “what the hell is this playing?” Experimental trans music made up the majority of the DJ’s preference.

Overall, this was a nicely constructed gathering for young socials to meet new people and mingle. The main attraction of the event was obviously the photo booth, which allowed people to take high quality pictures in front of a white screen and then send it directly to social media, email or text message. If you desire to meet new people and network, then this is definitely an event worth attending.

Update: Check out the images below from the event.

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