Hillary Clinton is Looking to Bring the State of Iowa on Her Bandwagon

(via slate.com)

We are just hours away from the Iowa caucus and Hillary Clinton is barely leading Bernie Sanders by three points. Clinton, who has been groomed for decades to take reigns in for POTUS, has been stumped the last couple of months due to the “Bern.”

Sanders, who is indisputably one of the most popular candidates among young voters, has been steadily gaining attention and much support from the Democratic base, even when some publications refused to acknowledge him. However, the latest updates show a stall in support, though at least the Vermont senator can rest assured that he is pulling ahead of Clinton.

Last week the Democratic National Committee (DNC) held an impromptu debate where Martin O’Malley still showed up for some reason. Clinton embarrassed her husband and Bernie kept reiterating his determination to get the middle class ahead.

While O’Malley is in the red, both top Democratic contenders made excellent money with Hillary obviously making the most out of her super Political Action Committee (PAC) donations, so far by those extra points before Iowans go to the polls.

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