Netflix Wants to Pay You $2,000/week to Travel and Take Instagram Pictures

Earn $2,000 per week, with all expenses paid for.


If you’ve dreamed of traveling the world and getting paid for it, you may be in luck.

Netflix, the global movie and television series streaming provider, is teaming up with Instagram, the online mobile media sharing and social networking app, to hire what they’ve titled “Grammasters.” These individuals will travel Europe and the Middle East to photograph the sets of popular Netflix Original shows and movies.

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The only downfall of this dream job is that it’s not a full-time position with salary and benefits (but could possibly lead to one). Netflix will pay it’s Grammasters crew a total of $4,000 for the two-week gig, and will also cover all of your travel arrangements.

To apply, one must hashtag #grammaster3 on three of your finest photos on Instagram by Sunday. The company didn’t specify how many will be chosen, besides that there will be multiple winners.

For more information, check out the posting here.

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