This New Selfie Camera Wrist Band Will Transform Your Apple Watch

The wristband won't be shipping out until spring 2017.

Photo: Glide

The Apple Watch can do almost everything that the iPhone can. You can send messages, call people, and can even watch incoming videos. But one thing you can’t do is take cool selfies or send videos in return.

Well, Israeli startup Glide is here to solve that dying need for tech savvy consumers with its new CMRA band. Although the company is known for its messaging app, Glide is developing a smartwatch strap that adds a selfie camera viewer and video recorder to your wrist. The strap features a self-facing two-megapixel camera, and an front-facing eight-megapixel shooter, according to Recode.

Along with band, the company has also created a resourceful charging dock that can charge both the CMRA band and the Apple Watch simultaneously.

The CMRA will be available in blue, white, gray, and black. It will also retail for $149 for earlier buyers and $249 when it hits stores in 2017.

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