YouTube Creators Will No Longer Make Money Until They Reach 10,000 Views

It's latest effort to ensure revenue only flows to creators who are playing by the "rules"

via YouTube Creators

YouTube is reworking its business model to help ensure its user-generated content doesn’t end up positioning ads by major brands next to questionable content.

Yes, the same model that helped the platform grow into the web’s biggest video producer. With all of the success that this strategy has experienced, it has also led to some problems. People were creating accounts that uploaded content owned by other people, which included major record labels, movie studios, and other popular YouTube creators. The social network will not allow ads on channels that have fewer than 10,000 views total, across all their posted videos.

The company believes that this threshold will give them a chance to gather enough information on a channel to know if it’s official or not. This threshold is also believed to still be in reachable range for new independent creators.

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