McDonald’s New Fry Fork Infomercial is Hilarious

Taking innovation to a new level


In promotion of their new line of Signature Crafted Recipes, McDonald’s has shared a comical infomercial, introducing the “Frork.” The Frork is the fast food chain’s fork-like utensil that uses French fries for prongs, that’s intended to wipe your plate clean from any toppings that may spill over after taking a bite out of one their specialty burgers.

Since infomercials are usually used in an unorthodox fashion, McDonald’s uses the one minute clip for a bit of humor in promotion of their new Signagture Crafted Recipes.

“Will the Frork change your life? Probably not,” Anthony Sullivan says in the video. “Will the Frork improve your Signature Crafted Recipes eating experience? I mean, sure… maybe.”

McDonald’s new Signature Sandwiches are customizable, upscale burgers and chicken sandwiches comes in flavors like Maple Bacon Dijon, Pico Guacomole, and Sweet BBQ.

The Frork will be available in a limited edition supply starting May 5th to those who purchase a Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich at participating locations.

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