Young Thug Delays Mixtape, Releases “Paradise”

In the midst of Lil Wayne releasing his Free Weezy Album project, rapper Young Thug was slated to release Slime Season on the SAME day. The “Stoner” rapper has teamed up with producer London on the Track for the follow up to The Barter 6. Not sure if this was a coincidence or a subliminal shot at rap veteran Lil Wayne, but unfortunately Slime Season was not ready on July 4th.

Don’t be disappointed Young Thug fans, the “Check” rapper did compensate for the delay of the project. Instead, he released the Allan Ritter-produced track “Paradise.” Although he didn’t give fans another release date, he assured them that the project was definitely on the way.

“Paradise”, believe it or not, shows a little lyrical growth from Young Thug compared to his previous projects. This track is something that will hold fans over until the release of his new project, which hopefully drops soon.

Listen to the track above!

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