Pimp C’s Death was Eight Years Ago Today, But the Legend Still Remains

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On December 4 2007, devastating news streamed radio waves and television stations that 33-year-old Chad Butler, better known under his rap moniker Pimp C, had died in his Los Angeles hotel due to an overdose of cough syrup, also known as “lean” or “syrup.” Pimp C was the mastermind behind the iconic gangsta rap group Underground Kingz (UGK) in which he founded in the 1980’s with his best friend, Bun B as the other member of the super duo who shared his condolences for his UGK running mate on Twitter earlier today.

The cold-hearted rapper was a catalyst during the 1990s and 2000s gangsta rap era, as he rapped his gangsta rhymes over slow, head-rocking beats with a high pitched voice to follow which most times, resulted into hit tracks along and if you heard his emphatic trademark phrase “Smoke Sumn Bitch” phrase on any track, you knew it was Pimp C. UGK’s best year awards wise was 2008 when they won two Ozone Awards for Best Video (International Players Anthem) and Best Rap Group. They won more hardware at the 2008 BET Awards, for Best Rap Group and Video of The Year (Internatonal Players Anthem). UGK also received two Grammy nominations in 2001 for Best Rap Performance By a Duo Or Group (Big Pimpin) and the same award in 2008 (International Players Anthem). There are a plethora of Pimp C verses that can be named as his best, but my personal favorites are his rhymes on Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin,” “The Game Belongs To Me,” Is a Playa,” “Knockin Doorz Down,” and any verse on UGK’s best selling album, Dirty Money.

However, everything wasn’t always good with the Pimp. He served a four-year sentence for pulling a gun out on a woman during an argument at a mall. “I was an animal for a long time. I wasn’t nice. I hurt people’s feelings and I could see it. I was going to be the bad guy if I had to. Fuck you if you don’t like me. You can like Bun. You ain’t gotta like me,” Pimp C told XXL in 2006. His tenure behind bars started a “Free Pimp C” movement where Bun B and his fans would wear shirts representing the UGK member and rappers would show respect saying the phrase in their own rap songs, such as Ray Cash’s “Pimp In My Own Mind.”

More recent music from Pimp C has been released today as his posthumous album, Long Live The Pimp, is now available on Apple Music.  Pimp C leaves behind countless albums and mixtapes with UGK and several solo studio albums, his most successful being Pimpalation which went gold. Although he might be gone, his name and his legacy will always remain.

Here are couple of UGK tracks from their fourth studio album “Dirty Money, which peaked at No.2 on Billboards Top R&B and Hip Hop Albums and No.19 on Billboard 200. If you somehow aren’t feeling these two classic tracks, just search Pimp C on Google and it’s pick-your-choice afterwards: too many hits to choose from. Long Live The Pimp.



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