The Internet and Tyler the Creator Throw a House Party in “Special Affair/Curse”

Taking three songs from the Grammy nominated Ego Death (easily one of the best albums of 2015), The Internet creates the perfect house party scene in the visual for “Special Affair/Curse.”

Directed by Calmatic, the black-and-white video begins with a slow motion dance party, set to the track “Special Affair,” as the band’s front woman Syd Tha Kid makes love to the camera.

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Drinks are flowing as Patrón-soaked revelers schmooze about the clip. The video switches to technicolor as Syd goes into full R&B mode with the interlude, “Palace.” Syd’s soulful voice is not only pure, but entrancing, as the viewer is spun around the room. Superior camerawork displays The Internet jamming to the soulful track in a shadowy back room, which each member taking turn at a different instrument. 

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Odd Future members Taco and Lionel appear in the 3-part video, while Tyler, the Creator makes a cameo at the end of the 5-minute clip, calling out, “Y’all ain’t never been to a party before?” Tyler then spits his opening verse to the song “Curse,” and from that party resumes. The previously en noir occasion gets new life in color, switching from analog to digital, before cutting to black.

Recorded in a span of three weeks in Syd’s basement, The Internet’s album Ego Death was recently nominated for (and deserving of) Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Check out the video for The Internet’s newest batch of singles, and feel the vibes on Ego Death, available now.

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