Marshmello Shares “Spotlight”, Lil Peep’s First Posthumous Collaboration

"When I listen to this track now I get chills wishing he could hear it. "

Getty Images

Nearly two months after his untimely passing, Lil Peep‘s music continues to live on in his new collaborative track with EDM producer Marshmello. “Spotlight” will mark as the first track to feature posthumous vocals of the late rapper.

Marshmello says that the duo worked on this before Peep’s death, and was able to finish the track with the blessing of Gustav Åhr’s mother, Liza Womack, who recently said that she wants his music to carry on.

“Peep brought an excitement to music that was unparalleled to anybody I’ve ever met,” Marshmello wrote. “We started an idea together, that unfortunately we were never able to officially finish together. When I listen to this track now I get chills wishing he could hear it. This record is dedicated to Peep’s mother, family, friends and his fans. Gus will live forever through his music and that is something we should all be extremely thankful for.”

In December, Åhr’s mother Liza Womack shared a posthumous video for his song “Save That Shit.” After a coroner’s report was revealed, it was confirmed that Peep died of a fentanyl and Xanax overdose.

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