Watch Saba Open Up in “Busy”

He gets personal on his first release of 2018

Courtesy Photo

Saba is one of Chicago’s new wave of artists. From Mick Jenkins to Noname to Chance The Rapper, the fresh batch of 20-somethings bring a more soulful approach to hip-hop than their drill music counterparts.

His debut Bucket List Project album is brimming with heaven/hell imagery and his own philosophical takes on inner-city Chicago. Contrarily, Saba’s newest single “Busy” doesn’t question the system, doesn’t ask for prayers, but rather gives us a peek inside his personal life.

In the song, he cuts through the small talk, “Askin’ me how tour was, knowin’ I been home like 2 months, and I seen your a– like 2 times.” The topic comes perfectly timed since Saba announced another two month tour only last week. “Just me and my girl, she leave me for work, then leave me for school. She finally home, I leave her for tour,” Saba recites. It’s as refreshing as it is dark to see an artist open up to the level that the Chicago-bred rapper does on “Busy.”

The video pictures him in front of a blood red background as mysterious figures appear to dance behind in falling snow. Starting April 11, his Care For Me tour will kick off in Philadelphia.

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