Anderson .Paak Proves He’s Not Stopping “’Til It’s Over” in New Single

The 32-year-old is finally getting the shine he deserves.

Courtesy Photo

Anderson .Paak has been transcending since his Grammy-nominated Malibu album. He effortlessly blends smooth keyboards and electronic production in his newest release, “’Til It’s Over.”

The song made its debut in a Spike Jonze-directed commercial for Apple’s HomePod, which featured FKA Twigs on her way home on a crowded subway. In the video, she enters in a door, drops her bags, and asks Siri to “play something I’d like.”

“’Til It’s Over,” however, is much faster and energetic than most of his recent work, which fits the commercial perfectly. Twigs is found forced out of her seat, dancing forcibly enough to bend and stretch her apartment into new shapes and colors. While “’Til It’s Over” is arguably more “commercial” than the majority of .Paak’s work, hardcore fans shouldn’t worry. Since he stepped down from the limelight, he’s been playing shows with his live band, The Free Nationals, and even featured them in his “Come Down” music video last October.

Anderson had previously earned a name in the underground rap community from his collaborative efforts with Knxwledge, who joins him to form NxWorries. His raspy smooth talking over Knxwledge’s lo-fi samples gave him a unique sonic edge, and it seems that Paak is returning to his roots.

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