Eric Bellinger Sends Shots at Tory Lanez on New Track “Yikes”

A new beef is on the horizon

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Eric Bellinger returns fire to Tory Lanez on his latest track “Yikes.” The two singers have been at odds since Bellinger called Lanez out on twitter for using his “this goin’ be your favorite song” tag. Bellinger then accused him of sampling his music, copying his style and brand.

The retaliatory record is a rendition of Lanez’s “Hate To Say,” a standout from his recent Memories Don’t Die album. In the original song, Lanez rekindles the beef by alluding to the claims made via Twitter.

Even though the two are primarily known for their smooth grooves and love songs, don’t be quick to assume they can’t also trade bars. “We live in a day in age where they don’t know what talent is, your only talent is mimicking anyone that’s talented,” Bellinger croons at the top of “Yikes.”

While Bellinger’s solo career has been on a steady trajectory since last year, don’t mistake him for a rookie. Before heart-heavy hits like “G.O.A.T.” and “Drive By,” the Compton, Calif. native racked up writing credits with some of the biggest singers like Usher, Justin Bieber and Trey Songz.

Lanez has also been under fire after a video surfaced of him arguing backstage with Travis Scott, another artist who he addressed on his “Hate To Say.”

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