GASHI is Looking for Loyalty on “Show Me”

“If I lost my eyes, would you ever be my guide?”

The Hundreds

GASHI, born Labinot Gashi, has been fighting to be on top for his entire life. The 28-year-old rapper was born of Albanian descent in Libya and circled Africa and Europe before his family found their way to the states.

GASHI has always been an entertainer. In the beginning, he was dancing with his brother as a street performer in Germany to pay for his mom’s groceries. But it was in New York, at the age of 10, when he found rap as two boys from school would diss him during a freestyle session and he’d find himself embarrassed for not knowing enough English to retaliate. “I had gone home to write a verse and spit it when it was time.” He recalls in an interview with The Hundreds, “everyone went crazy and I loved that feeling.”

The Albanian artist has been recording since college where he would cut football practice that he earned a full-scholarship for just to walk an hour to the studio. But he’s made his biggest wave in the past year with songs like “Disrespectful” and “Used to Be.” His solid cadences, clever song writing, catchy hooks and radio-ready music made him an easy pick for Jay Z’s Roc Nation, who signed him mid-2017.

GASHI’s latest “Show Me” shows a more polished side of his craft.

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