Jeremih Teases New EP on “Forever I’m Ready”

A fresh single from 'The Chocolate Box' EP

Maiah Stern/The Fader

It’s no question that Jeremih is one of the only artists that walks a tightrope between superstar and best kept secret simultaneously.

The Chicago singer’s breakout single (“Birthday Sex”) peaked at No. 4 on the charts in 2009, and he’s charted multiple times since. His most recent hit, “Oui,” peaked at No. 19 in 2016 as well. Given the lifespan of today’s artists, his seven year run is rather impressive. However, Jeremih’s artistry runs deeper than accolades. Self-taught since the age of three, the 30-year-old musician learned how to sing, play saxophone, drums and piano all by ear.

Jeremih’s latest single “Forever I’m Ready” is built around a mix of bells and synths. The singer’s rhythmic vocal style is similar to D’Angelo’s Black Messiah album. This mix of influences seems to be his secret to staying on the charts. It genuinely doesn’t feel like he’s adapting the sound of today, but rather has grown alongside it.

Listen to “Forever I’m Ready” until The Chocolate Box EP arrives March 9.

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