Fat Nick Shares New Video Filled with “WTF” Moments

"What the f--k, what the? What the f--k, what the?"

In preparation of his forthcoming Generation Numb project, Fat Nick shares a new video to accompany his latest single, “WTF.”

The two-minute clip is titled accordingly, as it is filled with animations dear to Nick’s heart. Pink hearts, ice cream, smiley faces, pizza and more visual effects are seen throughout each scene.

Nick revealed the meaning behind his completed record in a conversation with Hypebeast. “I feel like, in the age we live in right now, there’s a bunch more kids with anxiety, depression, drug addiction and mental illness; a lot of kids don’t know how to deal with it and don’t know how to speak up on it, so that’s how I came up with Generation Numb. This whole generation is numb over everything and we need to talk shit out,” he said.

Generation Numb is set to arrive June 8 and is supposedly his “best yet.”

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