Joyner Lucas Delivers Heart-Wrenching “Frozen” Video

Another thought provoking visual from the upcoming lyricist

Joyner Lucas tackles the dark reality of reckless driving in his latest video, “Frozen.” He raps from the perspective of each victim, telling their stories and hopes lost at the hands of a “stupid b—h who wanted to text and drive.” As usual, Lucas holds nothing back.

The video is full of graphic, bleak imagery with each victim that he embodies staring soullessly as they recite his words. “Frozen” is not only a testament to Lucas’ artistry, but the conversation and attention art can bring to everyday topics that are often brushed to the side.

Though he found national acclaim with 2017’s visual “I’m Not Racist,” the Massachusetts native had already built a cult fan base from his string of carefully orchestrated, cinematic music videos. His 2015 “Ross Capicchioni,” the story of a Detroit high school student that took multiple rounds from a shotgun and left for dead as a gang initiation, was praised by Busta Rhymes and compared to Nas’ classic “I Gave You Power.”

In his Everyday Struggle interview, most known for his explanation for his beef with Logic, Lucas told Joe Budden that he actually writes his video treatment before he writes the song itself. This focus on developing the video, song, and concept, at once, has given him an edge in his presentation.

Watch Joyner Lucas’ New Music Video “Frozen” above.

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