Travis Scott & Frank Ocean Give Away Free Gifts to Encourage Fans to Vote

Both artists announced that they're offering freebies to fans who show proof that they voted.

Many celebrities have been vocal in support of their beloved political party this year, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. As the midterm election takes place, there’s been an increase in social media photos and posts encouraging others to vote on Nov. 6. However, two celebrities have a better incentive in mind in comparison to a simple “I Voted” sticker.

Travis Scott and Frank Ocean are giving away free gifts to ensure that their fans make it to the polls. Scott will be giving away a few of his remaining tickets to his Astroworld Festival, while Ocean will be giving out some of his merchandise. Both artists announced that they’re offering freebies to fans who show proof that they voted.

On Election Day, Scott announced he’d give away Astroworld Festival tickets to voters in his hometown, Houston. “Saved some tix for the city at these voting locations. Go vote!!” he wrote in the tweet. The post included the poll locations the tickets would be available and said voters with appropriate proof would be gifted two tickets each for the Nov. 17 event.

In similar form, Ocean said he’d give voters free merchandise with an announcement made on his Tumblr. The poster highlights that voters in Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and Dallas would have to bring proof that they voted to specific locations. “Bring proof (a ballot stub) that you voted to any of the locations below and get some free merch. Because God bless America,” the post reads.

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