On a beautiful 70-degree Monday night to begin the month of February in Houston, a myriad of fans swarmed the Revention Music Center well before doors opened at 7 p.m. to see Bay Area artist, G-Eazy, return to the city for the first time in nearly two years for the When Its Dark Out tour.

But before G-Eazy hit the stage, Marc E. Bassy and Nef the Pharaoh jumped things off around 7:30 p.m. with nearly 3,000 fans in attendance, packed shoulder-to-shoulder, vibing to the two artists. Bassy performed “Wool” a guitar heavy track from his Bus EP, in which seemed like an excellent choice. Fans were singing along the words with constant head movements, as the Los Angeles artist sang the lyrics “All I wanna do is get a room somewhere soon out the country and steal you from all your burdens.” Fellow Los Angeles artist, Nef the Pharaoh, was “Big Tymin” (in reference to the name of the song) on stage as he kept the crowds juices flowing with his ecstatic activity on stage, with him and Bassy viciously showering the front layer of the crowd with water bottles at times during their performance.

After Marc E. Bassy and Nef the Pharaoh concluded their performances, it was time for former BET Hip Hop Rookie of the Year award winner, A$AP Ferg, who took the stage and turned the crowd (that seemed to have multiplied by this point) up another level. Maybe that was the goal after all, as Ferg performed his newest banger “New Level.”


Ferg also performed “Go Crazy,” in which he had all sober and intoxicated fans waive their hands in the air and literally, go crazy. Ferg also rocked the stage with “Work,” and when fans heard the lyrics “AR! AR! AR!” it felt like Ferg grabbed the venue himself and shook the place for a second. The New York native also dedicated a tribute to A$AP Mob originator, A$AP Yams, who died last year after struggling with drugs. Fans screamed “We love you A$AP Yams,” as Ferg directed the crowd to “say it louder so he can hear ya’ll in heaven.” It was a heartfelt moment for not only Ferg, but the entire sellout crowd who were in attendance.

Now it was back to the performance. After yelling several times if the crowd was ready to see a “Mother fuckin Houston legend,” Bun B hit the stage and performed his “Get Throwed” lyrics, and brought a new life to the crowd. It’s always a brilliant move to bring Bun B on the scene when you’re in Houston, and a cameo appearance did the crowd justice.

Now it was time for the main event, the headline of the tour: the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted, and they knew what was coming next. “Hand up! Hands Up! Hands Up!” Were said and it was showtime. G-Eazy came out with his slick black hair and skinny faded black denims jumping up and down, putting on a show for his fans who have been starving for another G-Eazy appearance.

The 26-year-old gave his fans plenty to feast on as he performed hits from his 2014 debut album These Things Happen, and When It’s Dark Out, which was released in December of 2015. This happened to not be the most opportune moment for men, as their girlfriends began ride their shoulders as they sang word-for-word the lyrics to “Tumblr girls,” “Me myself & I,” “Calm Down, “You Got Me,” and “Some Kind of Drug,” to name a few. From energetically jumping around on stage, interacting with his fans, and leaving the stage, just to come back and perform, had his flock of fans on edge all night, with some even having to be escorted out of the venue for their raucous behavior.


Not only was G-Eazy dictating the tempo of the crowd with his activity, the visuals on stage were immaculate. There were smokescreen sessions and a variety of colorful disco lights surfacing his performance all night, with a scene similar to what you see in old Western movies, with hilarious advertisements above the stage on the screen.

Not only did the fans show an ample amount of love for G-Eazy, he countered the love, if not more, back to his faithful fans. He put Houston on a pedestal as he expressed his gratitude and desire for the city, as well as giving his crowd a pep talk about “following your dreams and not giving up.” Considering majority of the crowd ranging from high school to college, it was a cliché speech, but coming from G-Eazy to the younger crowd, they’ll probably cherish those words forever.

A$AP Ferg returned to the stage briefly in a robe and Adidas slippers and coined G-Eazy “ASAP G-Eazy” during their performance. It was all love from the hour performance G-Eazy delivered to Houston, and he left a sweet taste in the crowd’s mouths as he concluded his performance.

H-Town might be G-Eazy’s second home like he’s James Harden.

G-Eazy Setlist

One Of Them
Of All Things
Order More
Calm Down
Far Alone
Tumblr Girls
Let’s Get Lost
Lotta That
I Might
Say So
Don’t Let Me Go
What If
Sad Boy
Some Kind Of Drug
Nothing To Me
Everything Will Be Ok
Me, Myself, and I
You Got Me
I Mean It

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