King Lil G Brings Out Unexpected Guests at House of Blues: Concert Review

Not the type of special guests you would generally expect

Photo: Joey Diaz/BLACK SHEEP

King Lil G is clearly one of the prominent faces of Latin and West Coast hip-hop right now, and he’s not shy in letting everybody know that. This past April, he released his debut studio album Lost In Smoke 2, which his current tour is also titled. On Friday, July 15, the Los Angeles rapper stopped at Houston’s House of Blues to light the stage.

Doors opened at approximately 7:30 p.m., and featured a slew of upcoming artists to open the show — including Houston’s budding raper Doeman. About an hour and a half later, Lil G arose from the shadows to pump up the crowd with his inspirational track “Cold Christmas.” His fans began to jump emphatically, as he would rap, “I motivated me, no one else did. Apartment seven, that little broke kid. Wanted toys, my moms can’t afford it. My mama’s love became more important.”

Minutes later, the whole room was filled smoke, and a very dank aroma was sure to accompany it. Apparently, the audience was restraining from lighting their pre-rolled drug of choice until it was time for the headliner to perform. After concluding his first song, King Lil G then went on to pay homage to the city that he was currently in by giving shout outs to Houston legends SPM — also known as South Park Mexican — and UGK.

Photo: Joey Diaz/BLACK SHEEP

Once the crowd was fully engaged, Lil G would slow things down with his uplifting tracks “Grow Up” and “Gangster Love.” Midway into his set, he had to pause his performance to acknowledge some annoying fan that kept trying to get his attention by tapping him. Being that he was performing in a intimate setting, fans were within arm reach of him if he stepped anywhere near the ledge of the stage.

The rapper is known for his gangster image, but he also aims to send a positive message to the youth. So one didn’t know which side of him we would see in reaction to the pestering man in the audience. Instead of retaliating with a drop kick to the chest as Kevin Gates would, Lil G opted to ask the young man what he wanted — which was simply a shout out. Moments after, the fan was brought on stage to perform with the AK47 Boyz.

If fans thought that would be the only special guest for the night, they would be wrong. A few songs later, the California native brought a young kid on stage (who killed it by the way) to spit some hot verses for the audience.

Photo: Joey Diaz/BLACK SHEEP

To conclude the show, King Lil G ended his set on a high note by having his DJ play classic songs like Mike Jones‘ “Still Tippin‘” and UGK’s “Int’l Players Anthem,” while the rapper would shake hands with concertgoers. He may’ve not known any of the lyrics to either song, he still gets an A for effort. One of the members in the audience even brought a Mexico flag to the show and would later give it to the rapper.

King Lil G Setlist

Cold Christmas
Grow Up
Texas Cups, Cali Blunts
Hopeless Boy
All In It
Weed 4 The Low
Narco Corridos
Still Tippin’ (Cover)
Int’l Players Anthem (Cover)

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