Ladies: 6 Things To Avoid Wearing To An Interview


College is over and now it’s time to get a few interviews lined up from some prominent employers: now what do you wear? No matter the job or job description, it’s important to dress professionally and appropriate when headed to a job interview. Employers want to see that you take the potential job serious. Sometimes your appearance (attire) can have a major effect on whether or not you land the job that’s at stake. In order to help with interview attire, I’ve listed six things you should avoid wearing to an interview.

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1. Sleeveless Tops

A sleeveless top without a coverup is never a good choice when you’re digging through your closet and looking for something professional. If you do decide to wear a sleeveless top make sure you throw on a nice blazer or sweater to accompany it. If you don’t own a blazer or can’t afford one, a nice button down will do (you can never go wrong with a button down).


2. Low Cut Shirts

Save your revealing shirt for another occasion, because this isn’t the one. Low cut shirts sometimes come off as distracting. Don’t let your revealing shirt take away from your interview.



3. Sheer Material Clothing

Steer clear from the sheer; I’m pretty sure that the hiring staff does not want to see your private body parts. Most sheer tops are extremely see through, even if you were to have on black undergarments it’s still noticeable. Just save yourself the time and worries and go with a less revealing material.



4. Blue Jeans

Potential employers want to know that you are serious about the position you are applying for; therefore, wearing blue jeans will not give that impression. No matter the color, jeans are not an acceptable article of clothing in the world of professionalism. Jeans are usually worn to casual occasions and more relaxed settings. Stick with a nice pair of slacks or if you’re not that into slacks try a pair of chinos.


5. Super High Heels

Clearly you’re not headed to a nightclub or going on a date so why bother even putting on a pair of 6in. heels. You should want to feel comfortable while in an interview setting and as women we all know that high heels get a little uncomfortable at times. Instead, a stylish pair of flats will do just fine. Now you don’t have to completely void out every type of heel, just the “night life” ones.


6. Red Lipstick

Going into to an interview there’s no doubt you want to come off as confident; however, red lipstick isn’t the route. Red lipstick can sometimes be a little overpowering and dramatic when worn. This is where nude colors become your best friends. Some of my favorite nudes include Velvet Teddy and Taupe from MAC Cosmetics. 

The next time you book an interview keep in mind these six things when you’re deciding what to wear. Show employers that you are serious about the job. Good luck!


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