Nike Just Did It On ‘Em With Nike Mag Drop


Great Scott! The iconic movie that screams 80s and can never be recreated was the inspiration that blessed sneakerheads and sci-fi fans everywhere, when an impactful pair of shoes designed by Tinker Hatfield landed in New York City. On Wednesday, also “Back to the Future Day,” Nike stirred the pot in the sneaker game and reinvented it completely when it confirmed the production and release of the Nike Mag, said to be in Spring 2016.

Adidas has been reigniting the shoe scene lately with successes with Rihanna and track star Usain Bolt as campaign leaders, but the Nike Mag “just did it on em” as Nicki Minaj would say. The “first pair of the self-lacing Nike Mag shoe,” was delivered from Hatfield and Nike directly to the 1989 film star Michael J. Fox who played Marty McFly.

The 2016 release didn’t come with word about the amount to be sold, but proceeds from the shoes sold in the limited quantity, will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The shoes are sure to sell out quick and be worn like hip hop artists The Dream and Fabolous, who refashioned the retro futuristic film style wearing the grey high-tops in front of that unmistakable car with its gull-wing doors. The shoe is also an inventive piece of art and fashion, so collectors could be neck-to-neck fighting for the McFlys.

A day that brought awareness to the public about Parkinson’s could be to thank for the newest member of the Nike shoe collection, the Nike Mag. Fox was diagnosed at the age of 29 and the athletic apparel brand has done its part in support of the foundation and the fight towards the disease.

Hatfield wrote to Fox and drew in a letter towards the purpose and value within the sneaker that completed the shoe when it was designed. The designer also hinted of the unlimited potential of their project that turns almost 30 years old.

In 2011, Nike presented a similar pair (minus the auto-lace) modeled after McFly’s from the scene where he slips on the futuristic shoes in his DeLorean time machine. Around 1,500 of those were auctioned and according to, $6 million dollars was raised and given Fox’s charity. Imagine the success Nike will have, and the salt that will rise from every shoe company in the world, when the first-ever self -lacing sneakers from the dreamt up future from the past drops… collaborations/consistency is a beautiful thing.

Check out Fox slipping on the ground breaking shoes for the first time before his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance.

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