Houston has a new premium streetwear shop in town, and it’s name is Stitch & Trace. The store just recently opened, and features a unique aesthetic like no other. (floating sneakers???)

Stitch & Trace is an upscale boutique — near the Galleria area — that specializes in men’s and women’s sneakers, as well as male streetwear. Finally, Space City has another location to get the latest Supreme and BAPE releases — with Shalon & Rogers being the other.

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The store features affixed sneakers, their branded logo made out of tennis balls, a viewing area with three televisions, and also flush cherry red chairs throughout the store. The owner of the store, Ray Robinson, has partnerships with sneaker giants like Asic, Reebok, Puma and Adidas.

He’s stated that he made the decision to not partner with Nike because he wanted to show the world that you can be successful and not “have to be beat up by what some of these other brands do.”

Checkout a few exclusive pictures provided to Black Sheep of the new store below, and be sure to head over to their website for more details.
STITCH AND TRACE HOUSTON TEXAS STORESTITCH AND TRACE HOUSTON TEXAS STORESTITCH AND TRACE HOUSTON TEXAS BOUTIQUEstitch-and-trace-houston-texas-3 stitch-and-trace-houston-texas-2STITCH AND TRACE HOUSTON TEXAS STOREstitch-and-trace-houston-texas-1stitch-and-trace-converse stitch-and-trace-adidas-3 stitch-and-trace-adidas-2 stitch-and-trace-adidas


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