Here’s a Detailed Look Inside BAPE’s New Los Angeles Store

Fashion label returns to the West Coast


BAPE continues to expand into new markets, rather than becoming stagnant like many others. After opening its Paris location last year, the fashion brand now returns to the West Coast with a new Los Angeles store.

Located on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, BAPE sets up shop on the renowned street it knows so well. In celebration of the opening, A Bathing Ape released a vast amount of exclusive threads, which included collaborations with Damian Lillard, adidas, and mastermind JAPAN.

The two-story retail store is decked in granite marble walls and steel. Taking a minimalist approach, the 2,500 sq.ft building is sleek and simple. Before fans stepped foot inside, their anticipation rose tremendously after spotting two purple and gold camouflage G-Class Mercedes Benzes parked outside.

After closing its initial store in the late 2000s, BAPE’s return to The Golden State indicates a better economy or substantial growth from the streetwear staple.

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