Basketball Wives LA: Season 4 Episode 1 (Recap)

Basketball Wives LA introduces a few new people this season! Popularly known from Bad Girls Club season 9, Mehgan James joins the cast of Basketball Wives LA this season. The show has her linked to a prior relationship to Kedrick Brown, who played for the Boston Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Philadelphia 76ers. Patrice Curry, wife of former player Eddy Curry is also introduced to the show through association with Malaysia.

The season starts with Malaysia recapping what led to her divorce and trying to cope and enjoy the single life. She’s absolutely not here for Jackie Christie due to her offensive comments last reunion relating to the loss of her younger brother. The girls, Draya, Malaysia, and Brandi are cold towards Jackie when she shows up at a mutual event, but of course Christie is on her quest to rekindle dead friendships.

Draya’s Fine Ass Girls line showcases at the Facet Fashion Show and comes the introduction of Ms. James. Draya is not amused as she feels Meghan has lied about who she knows in LA (Jackie Christi) and feels some type a way about the two’s friendship not being claimed.

After Jackie meets up with Draya, gives her an apology, and of course continues trying to explain herself and rekindle relationships, Draya takes it upon herself to speak with the girls on her behalf. Malaysia and Brandi initially are not having it, but if allowed a date with Jackie’s husband, Doug, Malaysia agrees to consider reconciliation. And yes, you read correctly, a DATE with Jackie’s HUSBAND. Awk.

With OGs Shaunie and Tami joining the cast as well, this season is guaranteed to keep you tuned in every Monday!

Peep the trailer above!

SN: Shots have already been fired during the premiere by James via Twitter *side eyes*

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